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One of the hottest income streams in the blogging world is Text Link Ads ( affilliate link). Basically, it is exactly the way it sounds - you get paid for having text link ads on your site.

How does it work?
Simply go to the Text Link Ads website, and sign up to be a publisher. It can take a few days to get your approval ( or rejection! ) so be patient. You’re approved based on your site, its content, and traffic. Once you receive your approval, you get to configure your ads to your liking. You can choose how many ads you’d like to display, and whether they’ll appear on a single page on your site, or on the entire site. Be careful when you’re choosing! These decisions will affect how much each link is worth. For example, if you decide to have 10 ads instead of 4, each ad will be worth less. You may have more potential overall, but less income per link.

Once you’ve made these decisions, you can customize the colors to match your site. Remember, you want your ads to blend in, not stick out. That merely creates an eyesore. After that, simply select your site’s blogging platform, and follow the instructions. If you’re a Wordpress user, there’s a simply to install plugin available. A word of warning to Movable Type users - the script included is not reliable, and may cause problems. On my last remaining Movable Type blog, I have to add the links manually. On my Wordpress blogs, the process is completely automatic. You can, of course, request that you personally approve each link. I don’t worry too much about is, as I check my site daily, so if something funny pops up I’ll notice it quickly.
That’s pretty much it. Once your script is installed, your site is listed on the Text Link Ads website. You’ll get an email each time a link is sold, and your money can be deposited into your PayPal account. Whatever the link is sold for you split 50 / 50 with Text Link Ads.If you’re not sure if Text Link Ads is right for you, they do have a nifty Link Worth Calculator that gives you a pretty good idea of what a link on your site is worth. The placement of the links also has some weight - so make sure they’re prominent to maximize your earnings! register now at http://www.text-link-ads.com/


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